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2016 Sponsor’s Choice Prizes

The Indie Excellence® Sponsor’s Choice Prizes are personally selected by Ellen Reid, the President of the Indie Excellence Awards from the group of Winners & Finalists that have been recognized in all contest categories. Rather than highlighting any specific element, these awards recognize the books that demonstrate an indefinable synergy of elements that makes for an excellent presentation.


Hi Everyone,

We are so delighted and pleased the prizes for the 2016 contest are these excellent companies!

Each prize is selected by Ellen Reid, Sponsor and CEO of The National Indie Excellence® Awards. The recipients are selected from the Winners and Finalists of the 2016 Awards.

These are the winners of the Sponsor's Choice Prizes for the 10th Annual Contest!

Event Management Services

Event Management Services

EMSI Public Relations (, an industry leader in the promotion of books, is looking forward to providing the prize of a comprehensive national print publicity campaign valued at $6,000.00.  This campaign will include the following:

We will write two feature story articles that will focus on the message of your book. The articles will be written in the same journalistic style of newspapers and magazines and will include numerous quotes from you, positioning you as an expert. Mention of the release of your book will be included as part of the newsworthiness of the articles.

  • We will distribute your articles to our contacts at major daily newspapers, national and regional magazines, blogs and trade publications (if appropriate).
  • We will reach out to book reviewers and book bloggers and will send review copies of your book to those who request a copy.
  • We will arrange interviews with journalists requesting to speak with you before doing a story on your topic. 
  • You’ll be added to our clipping service and will be provided with copies or links of the newspaper and magazine coverage we receive.
  • This national print campaign comes with a guarantee of print media placements in legitimate press outlets - offline and online - that possess a combined 2 million potential readers in online visitors and/or circulations.

$7,500.00 Value

QUINTESSENTIAL STYLE: Cultivate and Communicate Your Signature Look 

Janna Beatty with Sharon White 

Wheatmark Press 



  • The 18 hour Radio Publicity Masters Course. The most powerful tool in my radio publicity arsenal. You (or your intern/employee) get to listen in to the actual phone calls and conversations I had with producers as I booked a total of 77 interviews in just 25 days. No theory, no hypothetical guesses. 18 hours of REAL phone calls and REAL results. There is no other tool like this in existence. Train yourself... or train your intern/employee and have them call and book you on shows for a fraction of what you'd pay a PR Firm.
  • The most comprehensive database of top radio shows ever compiled... 1,364 shows on the top 306 stations in America, sorted into 21 categories. Descriptions, hosts, producers, contact info & exact audience numbers for all shows. 
  • My instantly accessible, comprehensive, easy-to-read, 177 page "Radio Publicity Manual" E-book 

And the Following FREE Bonuses

  • My complete collection of "Fill-In-The-Blank Show Pitch Formulas"... The Key to creating a great show pitch.
  • A 30 minute phone consultation with me. Ask me anything you want. Get specific insights for your campaign.
  • An actual physical copy of my own press kit... perhaps the most successful kit ever. Use it as a model to create your own attention grabbing press kit.
  • A 60 minute audio of my live radio interviews. Hear me in action and learn how I handle callers. Follow my compelling closes that send people scrambling to order... so you can do the same
  • A free database update ... I do these every 6 months to keep your names and data accurate and up to date 
  • The List of the Top 20 Radio Show Topics ... tells you what's hot and what's not so you can target your pitch to the hottest topics.
  • The Radio Demographic Profile ... tells you who listens to what formats so you can target your message to the perfect audience. 

$997 Value

Parenting for the Digital Age 

Bill Ratner

One-Year Membership to The Association of Publishers for Special Sales (APSS)

Receive a one-year membership to The Association of Publishers for Special Sales (APSS) -- the only association with a mission to help its members increase their sales to non-bookstore buyers. These could be through retailers such as airport stores and warehouse clubs, or to buyers in corporations, associations and schools. APSS provides 25 discounts and services to members, and we have added several new discounts and services in just the past year:

  • Shipping (70% off UPS)
  • Automated contacting of bookstores
  • Your book displayed at BEA, ALA, Frankfurt and more
  • Meetings near you ­ local APSS chapters nationwide
  • Custom leads of prospective customers for your books
  • A program to call on potential corporate buyers for you
  • Distribution to bookstores and libraries in Canada
  • The "10 Steps to Special-Sales Success" program
  • Coming soon ­ the APSS bookstore for ebooks and audiobooks
  • Up to 50% off printing with LSI                                                                

In addition:

  1. You will get a one-hour telephone consultation with Brian Jud, an expert in selling books to non-bookstore buyers
  2. You will be automatically entered into the APSS Membership Sweepstakes. One APSS member will be randomly chosen each month. You could win another half-hour consultation with a different book-marketing expert, and get the names and contact information for 5 prospective buyers of your books. You will learn how to contact buyers, and then we make it easy for you to reach them.
  3. Brian Jud's company will provide you with a list of 50 prospective buyers for your book. We will provide you with the names and contact information (email, website, phone, address) of people you can contact to generate sales of your book for long-term, recurring revenue.

$1000 Value


HIDDEN SOLUTIONS ALL AROUND YOU: Why Some People Can See Them and Some Can't 

Daniel R. Castro 

Beartooth Press

Conscious Media Relations

Radio Media Tour

If you're a personal growth or self-help author, than you'll want to win this prize! It's the only Radio Media Tour that offers authors to 3,000+ radio shows seeking personal development/self-help/conscious living/prosperity/wellnes/spirituality/success/transformational experts! Jackie Lapin's Conscious Media Relations (CMR) has developed a proprietary list of shows that are eager to book the authors she represents.

Here are the words used by those authors who have availed themselves of this service to date: awesome, amazing, inundated, results-oriented, asset, blockbuster, overwhelmed! The tour will bring your voice, your message and your wisdom to tens of thousands of listeners—many of whom may be your next customer, client, speaking engagement or website visitor!

This $2000 version of the Personal Development Radio Media Tour is called The Direct Access Path. As winner, CMR will write a compelling pitch letter on you and your book, and distribute it to the agency's list of 3,000 personal growth shows, along with 3000 other mainstream media. The pitch will come from your email and responses will come directly back to you. CMR also has two other radio media tours—Full Service Premium and the author/agency interactive Self Booking Tour. Call for more information.

Conscious Media Relations has the nation's most comprehensive media lists covering the personal growth/mind-body-spirit sector. The company, which bridges the gap between the transformational and the mainstream media, counts among its clients Don Miguel Ruiz, James Twyman, Dr. Joe Vitale, Dr. Joe Dispenza,  Dr. Eric Pearl/The Reconnection, Denise Linn, Chris & Janet Attwood, Marie Diamond, Hay House, Sounds True, Red Wheel Weiser, New World Library and HCI Books.

  $2000 Value

CMR is known as one-stop shopping for the Conscious and Transformational Media. The agency also offers DYI publicity resources—a mini-webinar series  and author marketing lists—and speaker representation via Conscious and Transformational Speakers.

Not For Sale:
Finding Center in the Land of Crazy Horse

Kevin Hancock

Seventh Power Press


Ellen & Jackie,

"I just want to say thank you and share an example of the messaging and sharing YOU both helped me create. This show on BBS 1 Radio – Conscious Thought With Leo – Magdalena Winkler aired live last night. It takes a quiet hour to listen but its wonderful as it gets going because Magdalena read the entire book and really connected with the story. Just sharing and saying thank you!"

— Kevin Hancock


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