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Katy Douglas
Marketing, publicity and sales coordinator


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The 2012 National Indie Excellence® Book Awards Announced

Beverly Hills, CA – In the most competitive climate yet, independently published books vied for top honors in the 6th Annual National Indie Excellence® Awards.

“We congratulate each and every author recognized this year. The quality of independently published books has taken a quantum leap and independent publishers truly have come of age.

Our competition is unique in that it takes into account all aspects of publishing that go into making a stand-out presentation including cover design, interior layout and promotional text,” said Smarketing LLC, Ellen Reid CEO, and President, sponsor of the awards.

Independent experts from all aspects of the indie book industry, including publishers, writers, editors, and book cover designers and professional copywriters, judge this competition. They select award winners and finalists based on overall excellence.

For a complete list of Winners and Finalists visit the contest website. www.indieexcellence.com.

The submission process for The National Indie Excellence® Awards 2013 will commence in June 2012. To submit a book for consideration please visit: www.indieexcellence.com


Katy Douglas
Marketing, publicity and sales coordinator

Deadline to enter is May 10, 2013; Winners & finalists receive national media and industry exposure

LOS ANGELES, CA – JUNE 2012– In its seventh year, the National Indie Excellence® Book Awards has recognized some of the best books in the new millennium published by small and independent presses and self published books. It has also catapulted independent and small publishers’ books into the national spotlight, allowing more readers to become aware of the exceptional work being published today without big marketing budgets. The awards honor the best books in over 100 categories. The National Indie Excellence® Book Awards (indieexcellence.com) is now accepting submissions for 2013. Entries must be postmarked by May 10, 2013 and the winners and finalists – who receive national media and industry exposure – will be announced May 30, 2013.

For Immediate Release                         Beverly Hills, CA

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The National Indie Excellence® Book Awards Salutes the BEST of the BEST in 2011

Independent and self-published titles roar to the forefront of excellence in numerous genres

Beverly Hills, CA – In the pinnacle year of the self-published book , The National Indie Excellence® Book Awards is ahead of the curve with the announcement of the 5th Annual National Indie Excellence Award Winners, Finalists and the recipients of the Sponsor’s Choice Prizes.

Today Ellen Reid, founder of The National Indie Excellence® Book Awards, released the Winners and Finalists of this year’s contest www,indieexcellence.com said...

"Excellence is not easy to achieve and the book industry needs it more than ever...the NIEA salutes authors and publishers who make excellence a priority" said Reid

Competition for the top spots is fierce with prizes exceeding $12,000 in value and the priceless opportunity to have one-on-one coaching with inside industry experts including top media and PR consultants, marketing experts and others.

With a number self-published authors exceeding sales of 100,000 copies and six and seven figures in revenue, authors and small presses are flourishing and so is the quality of books across the board.

Next year's 2012 Award application deadline is April 30, 2012. For information and to enter, please visit: http://www.indieexcellence.com/

“The judges for this competition are industry leaders that take their responsibility very seriously. We had the best pool of submissions ever and it was not easy because of the excellent books we received in every category this year. I am constantly thrilled at the outstanding work we’re seeing,” Reid said.

BEA Buzzing About Indie Excellence® Awards

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Beverly Hills, CA – The 5th annual National Indie Excellence® Book Award™ winners and finalists were announced to coincide with Book Expo of America in New York. A number of the winners of this contest are making personal appearances during the BEA show May 24 – 26.

It was an especially challenging year for the NIEA team because of the substantial increase in competitive and excellent entries this year.

“Indie publishing has experienced a metamorphosis in the past year with the momentum for growth increasing. As a result, The National Indie Excellence Awards® had phenomenal participation. Because so many books were outstanding, the judging was very difficult,” said Ellen Reid, Director of the Awards.

The Indie Excellence® Awards are reserved for the “best of the best” in books published in various genres. The criteria for recognition are stringent and include overall excellence in presentation. This award celebrates the highest achievements in independent press and self-publishing, a sector of the industry that has grown exponentially in recent years.

For a complete list of the winners and finalists visit: http://www.indieexcellence.com/indie-results-2011.htm

The NIEA will be accepting submissions for its 6th annual awards contest starting June 1, 2011.

For more information, visit: http://www.indieexcellence.com/

For Immediate Release                       Beverly Hills, California

Book Contest Rewards Excellence in Independent Publishing!

The 5th Annual National Indie Excellence® Awards announces a call for submissions. NIEA recognizes excellence in independent- and self-published books, a category that accounts for a rapidly growing segment of a publishing industry going through almost constant transformation.

Books published from 2008 to the present by self-published authors, small press, and independent publishers can be submitted for consideration in the categories of their choice.

Winners and Finalists will be announced nationally in mid May 2011.

All winners and finalists receive extensive media coverage and top award recipients are eligible to win prizes valued in excess of $12,000. These include sessions with outstanding media and PR consultants, marketing experts, and others in a position to assist authors and publishers in creating greater success with their books.

For information about the contest including how to submit books, please visit www.indieexcellence.com. The deadline for entries is April 15, 2011.

"Awards that recognize excellence support more than sales for the independent and self-publishing authors and small presses who win them; they make our entire industry look good. The National Indie Excellence® Awardsdoes us all a great service."

- Dan Poynter, author of The Self Publishing Manual and 100 other books

"I think contests - and awards - are great, especially for writers. I only won one in my life - but it changed the course of my life. When I was 21 I won a creative writing contest at college. Wow! I was a writer and never looked back."

- Barnaby Conrad, Author of 30 books, including Matador, La Fiesta Brava, The Encyclopedia of Bullfighting, and How to Fight a Bull.

Media interested in reviewing the award winning books please reply and indicate your category of interest.

Contact: Ellen Reid 310-862-2574 ellen@indieexcellence.com


Read this...

By Ribbit

My picture book was also a finalist in the Indie Excellence® Awards. Since this is the beginning of the second year for my book, I decided to try a marketing experiment. I was at the same venue, same date, with my book for a story time ...
There's a Frog On My Forehead


Reprinted from Jim Barnes, Independent Publisher.com

Entering your book titles in awards programs -- and winning -- brings credibility, publicity, prestige, and personal satisfaction. It can extend your publicity campaign, get you a whole new round of attention from the press, and open new doors with distributors and vendors.

See the recent BeneathTheCover.com blog entry from book PR expert Nettie Hartsock, Your Book Can't Win an Award if You Don't Enter:

Awards do influence reviewers and buyers. A 1999 Cookbook category IPPY finalist was discovered this way, and 187,000 copies were sold to a pharmaceutical company. A cookbook winner in our inaugural 1997 contest has reordered stickers continually and the book keeps on selling, thanks in part to the gold seal on the cover.

"Our winning of a gold medal in the 2008 competition has greatly helped book sales. We sold nearly 2500 copies of Wild Alberta at the Crossroads last year and had to order a reprint of 1500. When we show retailers the gold medal they are always impressed and invariably order some books."

- Robin White, NatureWatch Partners

"Winning the silver award last year (Useppa, a Passage in Time, 2007) improved our ability to market the book in a multitude of ways. It gave us credentials that we used in our public relations and marketing; it made a real difference in our ability to get book signings and presentation opportunities; it enabled us to get radio and TV interviews; and often people selected to purchase the book because of the silver award medallion sticker. We actually had a couple of people return the book because their book did not have the medallion sticker. It also made the author and the artist feel appreciated and honored, and gave us a reason to celebrate their success!"

- Chris Ludwig, Passages Press

"The fact is award stickers help to convince buyers to purchase. I've seen this happen with librarians -- when faced with two competing titles and a limited acquisition budget the librarians will take the one that won an award, any award, over the title that doesn't have an award to its credit. I'm confident that this same phenomena works for bookstore patrons browsing the shelves as well."

- Jim Cox, Midwest Book Review


Hello Winners & Finalists!

Feel free to use this press release template to send to your own media...



Local Author receives national recognition

Through National Indie Excellence® Awards

(Your Location) -- The Sixth Annual National Indie Excellence® Awards recognized Title of Book by Author’s Name in the category of Category as a winner/finalist.

This national award, based in Los Angeles, CA is open to all English language books including small presses, university presses, independent publishers and self-published authors. Works published in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 were eligible for consideration.

The competition is judged by independent experts from all aspects of the indie book industry, including publishers, writers, editors, book cover designers and professional copywriters. They select award winners and finalists based on overall excellence of presentation.

Title is a genre of book such as fiction/non-fiction. Include synopsis of book here:

“We appreciate you, we applaud you and thank you for your great work. You are contributing to make independent publishing a great sector in the literary community,” said Ellen Reid, President of the National Indie Excellence® Book Awards.

For more information please visit: http://www.indieexcellence.com/index.html


Please remember to send a jpeg of the front cover of your book and a headshot of yourself to your local print media, radio and television stations.

Kent Gustavson Offers Bluegrass Fans an Early Christmas Gift

Kent Gustavson, PhD and author of Blind But Now I See: The Biography of Music Legend Doc Watson is offering bluegrass fans an early Christmas gift. Gustavson says, "if you haven't had a chance to read my biography of Doc Watson yet. You can download the Kindle version free from now until December 4th."

Dr. Kent Gustavson was honored with Biography of the Year Award. Blind But Now I See was selected the Winner of Biography of the Year for the 2011 Indie Excellence Awards. The Indie Excellence Awards are reserved for the “best of the best" in books published in various genres. The criteria for recognition are stringent and include overall excellence in presentation. This award celebrates the highest achievements in independent press and self-publishing, a sector of the industry that has grown exponentially in recent years.

TNBBC's The Next Best Book Blog

Reading and reviewing Indies, searching endlessly for the next best book

Tis the season for Indie Book Awards! First, the Golden Goose Awards, now The National Indie Excellence Book Awards... can you handle all of this indie book love?

NIEA was recently brought to my attention by Marissa, Senior Publicist of JKSCommunications, a literary publicity firm founded in 2000 that offers services such as book trailer production, press kits, and media packages to their clients. Find out more here.

Since her company is involved in the awards, I thought I would let her give you all the juicy details...

Hello Next Best Book blog readers!

I had the pleasure of hearing Lori's comments at the Book Blogger Convention earlier this year. She stood up and -- so passionately -- discussed Indie books and their importance. I couldn't have agreed with her more. So when the literary publicity firm I work for, JKSCommunications, got behind the National Indie Excellence Book Awards, I just had to write Lori again.

Like Lori, and like you guys, JKSCommunications is constantly on the search for Indie greatness. With more than 800,000 books published every year in the U.S., it's not that easy to do. JKS alone gets requests every day from authors or publishers wanting book promotion. But we read every book before we agree to publicize it. We want to be a true fan of the author's work. We want to really believe in the book like they do.

And that's exactly why we also believe so much in the Indie Excellence® awards. The professionalism of the way its run, and the caliber of books chosen as winners, proves why it's been so successful at helping catapult independent and small publishers' books into the national spotlight since they started in 2007. The awards honor the best books in over 100 categories, giving multiple opportunities for a book to win.

NIEA provides national media and industry exposure for all winners and finalists, and the Sponsor’s Choice Awards make NIEA even more special. JKSCommunications is one of the sponsors, offering a 7-stop Virtual Book Tour and electronic press kit development to one of the winners. We're beyond excited to work on this! There are so many other great prizes from NIEA's Sponsor's Choice Awards (selected from the winners and finalists in all contest categories), including:

*Planned Television Arts  customized media campaign
*Event Management Services print publicity campaign
*Radio TV Interview Report  3 free half-page ads
*Star Power Publicity System, choice of a 1-day live course or Webinar, two 15-minute Fast Start Group Consulting sessions, and the Jill Lublin Home Study System
*Alex Carroll copy of the deluxe Radio Publicity Millionaire Program
*Brilliant Mobile a Mobile Website and a QR2MOBI Code to promote your platform and more
*Dan Poynter’s Para Promotion Campaign book promotion package

Want to enter your superb Indie book? Wait no longer! NIEA is now accepting submissions for 2012. Entries must be postmarked by April 15, and the winners and finalists will be announced May 15. Please send one copy of your book per category entered. Books with publication dates of 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 are eligible. Books published anywhere in the world may be submitted, as long as they are in English and can be purchased on and offline in the United States. For more information, category listings and entry forms please check out the NIEA website:  www.IndieExcellence.com.

Please feel free to write me at marissa@jkscommunications.com if you have any questions!

Thank you Lori for helping us spread the word about such a great opportunity for Indie authors!

A Book Award Adds Value to Your Book by Sarah Bolme

It's book award application time! Book awards bring exposure to books. Exposure generates sales. Sales mean more money in your pocket. Pursuing those book awards that allow publishers or authors to nominate their own titles can be a worthwhile activity for your book marketing efforts.

While entering a book award contest is not a guaranteed win for your entry fee, it certainly more than pays off if your book is picked for an award. Some book award programs publish the runners-up as well as the award winners. If your book falls into either of these categories, you receive a marketing gem.

Book awards, like book reviews, can be harnessed to promote your title in endless ways. One benefit of a book award over a book review is that an award warrants press coverage. Newspapers, magazines, and newsletters like to highlight authors and books that have won awards. Another benefit of a book award is that consumers tend to want to read books that have won an award. An award tells a consumer that a book is worth the money to purchase and time spent to read it. An award signals booksellers to purchase the book for their stores as book awards almost always guarantee sales.

When a book award is bestowed, the award should be used repeatedly in your marketing campaign. In addition to alerting the press about a book award, any book award received should be posted on your website, printed on all your marketing materials, used in advertisements, and added to your book’s cover on subsequent print runs. Also, make sure that you let your distributors know about the award and send an announcement to those publishers associations and discussion groups where you are a member.

Award Winning Author Teaches Children About Acceptance and Tolerance in Her Newest Children’s Book

Ballad of the Rag Man, written entirely in rhyming verse, was a recent finalist in the Indie Excellence® Book Awards

Audiences are taking note of those making a real difference in the character education of our youth. The Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles hosted its first annual international film festival and awards ceremony last week, honoring those who educate about the holocaust and genocide prevention. The museum is one of many organizations emphasizing the importance of tolerance in all aspects of a culture ever burdened with the threat of prejudice and hatred. 

Please feel free to add your Winner or Finalist Sticker on your website, on Facebook, etc.!

Copy and paste code your web page.

<a href="http://www.indieexcellence.com/indie-results-2012.htm" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.indieexcellence.com/IEx_goldoval_winner72.png" width="320" height="150" border="0"></a>

<a href="http://www.indieexcellence.com/indie-results-2012.htm" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.indieexcellence.com/IEx_goldoval_winner72s.png" width="160" height="75" border="0"></a>

<a href="http://www.indieexcellence.com/indie-results-2012.htm" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.indieexcellence.com/IEx_goldoval_finalist72.png" width="320" height="150" border="0"></a>

<a href="http://www.indieexcellence.com/indie-results-2012.htm" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.indieexcellence.com/IEx_goldoval_finalist72s.png" width="160" height="75" border="0"></a>


Please watch this terrific video of the Winners of the 2012 Indie Excellence Awards!

As with every other year, we only put the covers of the Winner's books on the video, however this year we will have a separate page on the website with the covers of the Winners and the Finalists for all the world to see.

Praise for Indie Excellence® Awards!


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