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INDIE EXCELLENCE® Comments from 2012 Winners and Finalists

Dear Ellen and the National Indie Excellence® Team,

From the bottom of our dancing hearts, we can’t thank you enough for honoring our debut novel, the first title in our Dance Legacy Series, The Legend of L’Esprit as Winner of the 2012 National Indie Excellence® Book Award for Young Adult Fiction. We’ve been turning pirouettes on Cloud 9 ever since receiving this incredibly humbling and overwhelming news. More than extremely proud to be in the company of so many talented authors, we are genuinely grateful to you and your entire organization. As former dance teachers, we understand that you don’t dance to win trophies and as co-authors you don’t write to win awards, but when blessed with one, it’s a wonderful feeling.

Throughout our careers students often asked for books entwined in the world of dance. After crafting our manuscript, a haunting mystery of romance and adventure, we began shopping it out to editors, agents and publishers. Although we received positive feedback through traditional channels, our work was never fully accepted and we ultimately decided to self-publish. Winning The National Indie Excellence® Award not only changed other’s view of our novel, it also restored our faith in our ability to write and connect with our readers.

Since notified of this prestigious honor, our press release has been well received by several newspapers and online sites wanting to feature our personal story. We find doors are opening more readily at the mere mention of the National Indie Excellence® Book Award and our sales continue to grow. The small contest entry fee was a wise investment. Recognition from independent experts in the indie book industry is a priceless gift. To have the praise of a panel of professional judges makes our previous struggles all the more meaningful.

We are so deeply appreciative to you and The National Indie Excellence® Book Awards and look forward to proudly displaying our NIEA certificate and stickers at every future event. We encourage other authors of small independent presses and self-published books to keep submitting their work, to follow their passion, and above all, to always have faith.

Thank you again for all you do to inspire others.

With Heartfelt Hugs & Kind Regards,

Doris Greenberg & Pandre’ Shandley

Dancers at Heart LLC

Hi Ellen!

I will email or try to get my friends to do a testimonial video for you. Your award meant a great deal to me. I am excited about your new contest. I think it’s a wonderful idea and I will be submitting my book in a day or so. You asked for news … I have dedicated a lot of my time to social media and between that and the awards I am beginning to get interviews. I will send you some of the stuff as soon as the links are available.

You don’t have to see/listen to it … LOL … but just to keep you in my loop J Since your marvelous award, I have received a few more plus 5-Star reviews.

Thank you for everything!!!
Maria’s Duck Tales: Wildlife Stories From My Garden

I’m honored that A Beautiful Medicine was chosen as a 2012 Finalist and Winner of a Sponsor’s Prize of the media campaign from the nation’s largest and oldest book publicity firm. The media campaign consisted of about fourteen radio interviews with a listening audience that ranged from Boston to Sacramento—a degree of exposure that I’m extremely grateful for. My publicity efforts have been given a great boost by the award and the prize.

Thank you!


David Mercier, L.Ac.

She's a winner!

July 18, 2012 - Love Your Life Publishing, a full service self publishing company for personal empowerment books with a positive message, celebrates author, Loree Bischoff, for winning the Indie Excellence Award in the Motivational category for her book, Common Sense Happiness: 5 Principles for People Who Want to Stop Whining, Bitching, and Suffering.

Lynne Klippel, Business Building Books and Love Your Life Publishing CEO, said, “In the world of self published books, this is like getting nominated for an Oscar.”

Winning this award on the last day of National Bicycle Month was absolutely perfect, and it led to a front page story in the local, well-respected newspaper The Litchfield County Times

Thanks so much,


I also appreciate the support the NIEA Program offers independent and self-published authors. I’ve found the publishing world to be a daunting landscape; and with the existence of programs such as this one, it certainly offers authors the visibility to which they would not otherwise have access.

With Gratitude,
Mary B. Kurtz


Ellen, I am truly honored to be a Finalist in psychiatry for the Indie Excellence® Awards. The book cover looks great up on your site. I'm grateful to be picked for such an important award in the industry.

All best,
Leora Skolkin-Smith

Dear Ellen,

Thank you for letting me know that the website now shows my book as a Finalist. As of this time I do not yet have a website. I do however have a separate email address for those that are interested in contacting me. This address is listed on my Amazon page as well.

Would it be possible to please add the following email address below my book information for those that might like to contact me?

Thank you,
Ellen Press

Hi Ellen..what a surprise and a thrill! I'm so delighted! Thank you so much...Yours is the crowning climax of my award season...I received four wins and one silver for this book. I'm absolutely astonished at its success.

Jackie Lapin

In these days when major awards are usually bestowed only on authors with big traditional book companies, no matter what the quality of the work, it is so encouraging to receive recognition from Indie Excellence. I am grateful for a Finalist Award for my psychological thriller, Mindstalker.

Patricia Weenolsen,

Thank you SO much!

I am delighted, thrilled, and grateful that my children's book, The Adventures of Lumi Nary Light A Fairy Tale of a Teeny Tiny Angel, won the Children's Inspirational/Motivational category!. I LOVE the video of the book covers - thank you so much! This is a gift and blessing and I truly appreciate the support.

With love and gratitude,
Sonya Haramis, M.Ed.
Peace of the Dreamer

Dear Ellen,

Thank you so much for this amazing news. I don't think I've stopped smiling since I received your email, and I wanted to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude. It's such an honor to be among your finalists, and I look forward to submitting future works to the National Indie Excellence® Awards.

All my very best,

Nancy G. Early

Walter's Not So Peaceful Definitely Not Relaxing But Oh So Awfully Courageous Adventure

Dear Ellen,

I want to thank you and the other judges for recognizing my book as a Finalist in the NIEA contest for 2012. Bestowing this honor on my writing of Through the Eyes of a Dove allows parents who have lost a child to gain further access to my book and to the healing power contained therein. The messages from my son are real and full of hope. I thank you all for propelling my book forward. You validate my experience and strengthen me as a writer.

Suzanne Gene Courtney

Hi Ellen,

I LOVED writing and producing "Art For The People: A Collector's Journal." I'm so glad that NIE chose to honor it. It energizes and inspires me to keep going.

Michael Corbin

Dear Ellen,

Joy filled our hearts when we learned that our novella Transcendence had won in visionary fiction. We want to thank you for the honor and for the opportunity. We feel that Transcendence is a very special book, and to have the very special Indie Excellence® Book Award validation will no doubt enable Transcendence to reach a larger audience and perhaps open doors for other possibilities. Once again, thank you.

Maximum Respect,
Gabriel Horn and Amy Krout-Horn

Hello Ellen,

I wanted to thank you, the judges, the organizers, and sponsors for all the effort that goes into this contest. I was very honored that my book The Discreet Guide for Executive Women was chosen as the winner in the Business-Motivational category.

I have spent a lot of time on your site, looking at past winners and reading the articles and media information. I can see that the award is becoming more prestigious and meaningful as the quality of the submissions has risen. You have put a lot of effort into this, and I'm sure the publishing world appreciates it.

My PR firm has added the information about the award to my press release. I announced it on my LinkedIn profile, on Twitter, and on my website which you can see here:
(Don't the colors look really pretty with my book cover?)

Thank you again. And best wishes for continued success.

Jennifer Crittenden
Author of The Discreet Guide for Executive Women: How to Work Well with Men (and Other Difficulties)


Winning the relationship section validates my professional work for the past five years. I means sooo much. Thank you.

Roger Frame, Ph.D.
"The Conflict Whisperer"

Dear Ellen, Judges, and Contest Support Team,

Thank you for the great honor of being a finalist in the categories of inspiration and new non fiction for the National Indie Excellence® Awards. What a wonderful gift of validation and support of me and my book!!!

Thank you for your time, energy and effort in the judging process , keeping me and all of us informed about the process and the support and promotion of Winners and Finalists at the Book Expo American 2012. I so appreciate the help in promoting my book.

You do and have done such an awesome job of encouraging, inspiring, supporting, promoting, and validating a writer's projects, dreams and efforts.

Thank you again.

Love, peace and happiness always,

Mary Ellen Weiland

“Since being named a Finalist in the Sixth Annual National Indie Excellence® Awards, I’ve had an instant boost to my writing career. Within hours of sending out the release, I got media interviews and requests to have my book “You’re Special Wherever You Are” in the leading Indie bookstore in the area. This kind of exposure is priceless to me and anyone else in the creative arena who seeks to increase their visibility and enhance their credibility. I am truly honored to be part of such an excellent competition.”

Kita Szpak
Children’s Inspirational/Motivational Category Finalist

“It’s gone far,” Renee said.

Not only does the book have far-reaching effects, Renee has also done interviews for the book for O Magazine and People Magazine, as well as on camera for the OWN Network and the TV show Balancing Act on Lifetime Movie Network.

Due to the tireless research Renee has done for the book, she has received many accolades  including  the New York Foundling award acknowledged by the Orphan Train Heritage Society of America for history preservation; Recipient of The Founders Award presented by the National Orphan Train Complex; Minnesota Historical Society winning essayist awards; and 2010 and 2011 Winner of the National Indie Excellence Award in History for winning book award of excellence.

The National Indie Excellence® Awards is a leading book competition for small presses and independent publishers shining a spotlight on books that demonstrate excellence. Book award winners and finalists are based on overall excellence of presentation. The NIEA emblem on the cover lets people know Extra! Extra! The Orphan Trains and Newsboys of New York, is a book that meets the highest standards of independent publishing.

To read more about Renee or her book, visit her website at

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