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Finalists of the 2015 Awards!



S. Martin Shelton

Lamplight Press
Asphalt and Blood

Warren Bell


African-American Fiction

Jamaal's Journey

John McCormack


African-American Non-Fiction

Raising Supaman

Nathaniel A Turner, J.D.

The Raising Supaman Project
Small Moments: A Child's Memories of the Civil Rights Movement

Mary M. Barrow

Wise Ink Creative Publishing


Advanced Decrepitude: Intimations of Mortality

Marguerite Bladen


Alternative Medicine

Awaken Your Greater Health: How Energy Medicine Opens the Way to Healing

Heidi DuPree, RN, CTN



Old Dog Haven: Every Old Dog Has a Story to Tell

Ardeth De Vries

Bennett & Hastings Publishing

Think Like Your Dog and Enjoy the Rewards

Dianna M. Young with Robert H. Mottram

Island Book Publishing LLC
A Place to Call Home; Toby's Tale

G. A. Whitmore

Outskirts Press
Excellence Beyond Compliance: Enhancing Animal Welfare Through the Constructive Use of the Animal Welfare Act

James F. Gesualdi

Maurice Bassett
Puffy & Blue: The Chronicles of Nine Lives Together

Kayla Fioravanti

Selah Publishing Group
Hand in Paw, a Journey of Trust and Discovery

Nancy Schluntz

Nancy Schluntz
Boston Terrier (Animal Planet Dogs 101)

Patricia F. Lehman

TFH Publications, Inc.


Breaking Through: The Girls Write Now 2014 Anthology

Girls Write Now

Girls Write Now

Arts & Entertainment

A Composer's Guide to Game Music

Winifred Phillips

The MIT Press


Determined: The Story of Holocaust Survivor Avraham Perlmutter

A. Avraham Perlmutter, Ph.D.

Mascherato Publishing

Married Under The Influence

Harmony Rose

Archway Publishing

For Sue

Jon Gordon

Chimbarazu Press


Max Starkloff and the Fight for Disability Rights

Charles E. Claggett and Richard Weiss

Missouri History Museum


Magical Living, Essays for the New Age

Bob Makransky

Dear Brutus Press

Book Cover Design-Children Picture Books


Stefano Romano


Book Cover Design-Fiction

By Light Betrayed ~ Poetry of the Vampires

Sherry Rentschler

Bookstand Publishing

Marilyn Jax

Beavers Pond PRess

Book Cover Design-Non-Fiction

Hudojnik: The Life and Art of Ivan I. Gariko

Steven M. Nesbit


Book Interior Design-Non-Fiction

Got Paint? The Non-Artisit's Guide to Creating Quick and Amazing Graphics With Microsoft's Free Paint Program

Gloria Beltran


Hudojnik: The Life and Art of Ivan I. Gariko

Steven M. Nesbit


Business Entrepreneurship & Small Business

The Predictable Profits Playbook: The Entrepreneur's Guide to Dominating Any Market and Staying on Top

Charles E Gaudet II

Telemachus Press
Think Outside the Bank

Andy Ross

New Line Books, Inc.

Business General

Ctrl+Alt+Believe: Reboot Your Association For Success

Holly Duckworth, CAE, CMP

Balboa Press
Less Stress Business: A Guide for Hiring, Coaching, and Leading Great Employees

Jamie Sussel Turner

Making Stone Soup: How to Jumpstart Innovation Teams

Jeff DeGraff

The Jeff DeGraff Innovation Library
Mastering the Cube: A Leader's Guide to Orchestrating Complex Organizational Change

Reed Deshler, Kreig Smith & Alyson Von Feldt

AlignOrg Solutions

Business Motivational

Madness, Miracles, Millions

Joseph Semprevivo and Larry Semprevivo

Tate Publishing
Selling Energy: Inspiring Ideas That Get More Projects Approved!

Mark Jewell

Energy Efficiency Funding Group
Host Six New Roles Of Engagement For Teams, Organizations, Communities, Movements

Mark McKergow & Helen Bailey

Solutions Books

How Do I Keep My Employees Motivated? The Practice of Empathy-Based Management

George Langelett

River Grove Books


My Final Ride

LeAnn Bednar

Gowith Books


The Personal Accountability Code

Di Worrall

The Accountability Code


Second Chances

Connie Stephany

Lulu Publishing
The Balance Project

Susie Orman Schnall


Twin Piques

Tracie Banister


Children's Fiction-Chapter Books

William of Arlington

Christopher Wiederkehr

Mirror Publishing

The Life and Times of Birdie Mae Hayes - Friends Forever

Jeri-Anne Agee

Jack's Tales

Jim Westcott

Splashing Cow Books
A Terrier's Tale

Karen J. Roberts

Midnight at the Shelter of Hope

Teresa Campbell


The Bella Chronicles

Erica Leigh Austin

Chadwick Publishing

Children's Fiction-Early Reader

The Hidden Treasures of the White Rock Ranch

Georgia Lane & Maude Allen

Webster's Email

Hannah Whaley

Born Digital Books
Jesse True's First Day of School

Jodi Healy

Jodi Healy

Children's Inspirational/Motivational (tie)

Aisha the Navigator Trains a Leader! #1

Amir Makin

A.I.C. Publications
Just Breathe

Annette Rivlin-Gutman


Straight Talk, a mother daughter conversation about self-acceptance and learning to love your hair

Dr. Kirleen Neely

Richardson Counseling Service

Joyce Block

One Word Publishing
Brighter, Brighter, Brighter!

Naomi Rombaoa Tanaka



Tamara Neal


Children's Non-Fiction

Charleston A to Z

Rob Hicks

Island Media Publishing

Children's Religion

The Great Carp Escape

Irish Beth Maddock

Word Alive Press
The Ride

Kayla Davidson

Virtuous Book for Kids
What a Bragger!

Lee Ann Mancini

GLM Publishing LLC
Who Is Jesus?

MaryAnn Diorio

TopNotch Press
Angels, Angels, Everywhere

Michelle Beber

Balboa Press

Coffee Table Books

Living Shells

Charles E. Rawlings

Ivy House Publishing Group

Contemporary Novels

Smoke In The Kitchen

Gloria S.N. Allen

The Long Way Home

Peyton Rose

220 Publishing



Sleeping to Death

G.D. Baum


Fatal Redemption

Lou Kilzer and Mark Boyden

Enigmas Publishing
The Next Call

Nicole Higgins

Lulu Publishing

Cross Genre

Into the Silence: The Fishing Story

America Hart

Red Hen Press

Cliff of the Ruin

Bonnie McKernan

Abbott Press
Spy, Interrupted: The Waiting Wife

T. Dasu

IndiaWrites Publishers, Inc.

Death & Dying

The New Art of Dying - How to Personalize the most important decisions for yourself and your loved o

Diane Burnside Murdock

The Murdocks, LLC


Young Person's Guide to Wisdom, Power, and Life Success

Brian Gahran

Young Persons Press
Student Teaching: the Inside Scoop from a Master Teacher

Dede Faltot Rittman

Word Association Publishers
Parts of Speech Parade, New York City

Irina Gonikberg Dolinskiy

Mark Wayne Adams, Inc
I Get It Now: A Guide to Teaching and Understanding Novels Using CENTERLINE as an Example

Dave McIntyre

Narrative LLC


Climate Change, Land Use and Monetary Policy: The New Trifecta

Geraldine Perry

Wasteland Press


Nixon and Dovey; The Legend Returns

Jay W Curry

John Cutten Publishers
Dreams of My Mothers, A Story of Love Transcendent

Joel L. A. Peterson

Huff Publishing Associates
Smokey Bear: The Cub Who Left His Pawprints on History

Karen Signell

Karen Signell


Madonna Dries Christensen

Armor of Glass:

R.M.A. Spears



Shield of the Palidine

Barbara T. Cerny

Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Co.
The Gatekeeper's Son

C.R. Fladmark

The Shokunin Publishing Company
A Warrior's Path

Davis Ashura

DuSum Publishing

Dangerous Reflections: A Historical Fantasy through Time

Karla Tipton

Karla Tipton

Isabella and the Tale of the Unanswered Question

Linda Whittaker


It's a Nightmare, The Gold Stone Girl, Book 1

Nicole Quinn

Blue barn Productions


The Poppy Field Diary

Carey Richard

Bonhoeffer Publishing
Ayna Rayne: Girl Unusual

Steven Todd Fisher


Fine Art

Boats, Barns and Bungalows

T F Hempel

Glendower Media


Heartbroken: Healing from the Loss of a Spouse

Gary Roe

Grief: The Lonely Road, A Widower's Journey Toward Hope

Marvin Petsel

Embers4growth Publishing

Historical Fiction

The Rail Queen

BJ Scott

Rush of Shadows

Catherine Bell

Washington Writer's Publishing House
Spoils of Olympus: By the Sword

Christian Kachel


Amani's River

David Hartness


Seed of the Volga

Karen Schutte

Green Spring Publishing
Tiger Tail Soup: A Novel of China at War

Nicki Chen

Dog Ear Publishing

History US

Limited Government and the Bill of Rights

Patrick M. Garry

University of Missouri Press
Small Moments: A Child's Memories of the Civil Rights Movement

Mary M. Barrow

Wise Ink Creative Publishing


Santa Claus Was Once a Kid Too

Philip Scharper



The Oasis of Filth - The Complete Series

Keith Soares

Bufflegoat Books


The Garden of Good and Evil Pancakes

David S. Atkinson

EAB Publishing
Goon's 'n' Roses

Donna Joy Usher

Lush Publications
American Gypsy Girl

Mary Zinda

Mary Zinda
Goat Lips: Tales of a Lapsed Englishman

Matthew Taylor

Merry Dissonance Press
Gulf Coast Stimulus Package

Maurice Le Gardeur

Bard's Press


My Extraordinary Life

Monica Sucha Vickers

Journey To The Heart Through The Way of the Horse

Sara B. Willerson

Sara B. Willerson

Juvenile Fiction

The Sea Inside

Vickie Johnstone

Vickie Johnstone
Snaygill: Slithery Temptations

Michelle B. Assor

Papricca Publishers
Dizzy Miss Lizzie

R.M. Clark

Writers AMuse Me Publishing
Loki's Wrath

Troy A. Carrington



Lenses of Leadership

B A Nick

Catto Creations, LLC
Leading Change From Within: A Road Map to Help Middle Managers Affect Lasting Change

Brian Strobel

WestBow Press
Remarkable Leaders: Risk Takers Who Dare Us!

Doris Lee McCoy, Ph.D

American Spirit Foundation
Attitude - The Cornerstone of Leadership

Pat Sullivan


LGBT Fiction


Claims of Family

Ezekiel Nieto Benzion

Ezekiel Nieto Benzion Publications


Lyn Gardner

Ragz Books
Paperwhite Narcissus

Tom Baker


LGBT Non-Fiction

Days of Love, Celebrating LGBT History One Story at a Time

Elisa Rolle


The Boy Who Was Not a Lesbian and Other True Stories

Kristin Lyseggen

SFINX Publishing
the GENDER book

Mel Reiff Hill and Jay Mays

Marshall House Press
Modern Brides & Modern Grooms: A Guide to Planning Straight, Gay, and Other Nontraditional Twenty-First Century Weddings

Mark O'Connell, LCSW

Skyhorse Publishing

Literary Fiction

A Foolish Consistency

Andrea Weir

Cedar Forge Press
The Belief in Angels

J. Dylan Yates

She Writes Press

Max Zimmer

Max Zimmer
The Black Pelican

Vadim Babenko

Ergo Sum Publishing


Modern Brides & Modern Grooms: A Guide to Planning Straight, Gay, and Other Nontraditional Twenty-First Century Weddings

Mark O'Connell, LCSW

Skyhorse Publishing


Adrenaline Dominance: A Revolutionary Approach to Wellness

Michael E. Platt M.D.

Clancy Lane Publishing

Medical Thriller

The Death Detail: Securus

Anthony Maldonado

Collateral Circulation: a Medical Mystery

Barbara Ebel

Barbara Ebel, M.D.
Days of the Giants

RJ Petrella

Wide Yard


Not So Black and White

Alexis Wilson

Tree Spirit Publishing
Running For My Life ~ Winning For CMT

Christine L. Wodke

Maven Mark Books
Don't Leave Yet: How My Mother's Alzheimer's Opened My Heart

Constance Hanstedt

She Writes Press

Girl with the Crooked Smile: Stuck in a Moment…and the Pearls of Wisdom that pulled her through it

Darah Zeledon

Sterling Publishing Group
I Hate Piñatas: Surviving Life's Unexpected Surprises

Heather Maloy

Heather Maloy

Fire Season: A Memoir

Hollye Dexter

She Writes Press

Maximum Insecurity

William Wright, M.D.


Three Quick Steps: An Inspiring Account of Struggle and Recovery

Robert Emmett

Robert E Klem

Military Fiction

Close to the Sun

Donald Michael Platt

Fireship Press
Terror Never Sleeps

Richard Blomberg

Beaver's Pond Press
Hold Back the Sun

Warren Bell

Warren Bell

Military Non-Fiction

Fields of War: Battle of Normandy

Robert J Mueller

French Battlefields

Multicultural Fiction

Singular Acts of Endearment

Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingde

Squircle Line Press & Grey Sparrow Press

The Many Lives of Ruby Iyer

Laxmi Hariharan


My Mother's Kitchen: A Novel with Recipes

Meera Ekkanath Klein

Homebound Publishing
Limbo - A Novel About Jamaica

Esther Figueroa

Arcade Publishing

Spy, Interrupted: The Waiting Wife

T. Dasu

IndiaWrites Publishers, Inc.

Multicultural Non-Fiction

Walking To Woot: A Photographic Narrative Discovering New Dimensions for Parent/Teen Bonding

Jackie Chase


The Alcatraz Rose

Anthony Eglin

Larkspur House
Swann's Lake of Despair

Charles Salzberg

Five Star Gale / Cengage
A Cup of Hemlock, A Detective Toussaint Mystery

Clyde Curley

Cedar Forge

Dead in the Water

Lesley A. Diehl

Camel Press
Martini Regrets

Phyllis Smallman

Touchwood Editions
Fleeting Note

Sherban Young

MysteryCaper Press
Miami Iced

Susan Sussman

Arthur David Publishing
Twisted Vine

Toby Neal

Toby Neal

Marilyn Jax

Beavers Pond PRess

New Adult Fiction

A Friend Request

C. L. Gillmore

Platinum Poetry & Prose Publishing
Hello The Unknown

Sandrine Marlier-Riquier


New Age Fiction

Enter Eternity

Honey Boudreaux

Writers AMuse Me Publishing
The Adimanti: Legends of Sirin

P.J. Strout

Patricia Strout

Quantum Spirit - Apocalypse

Sallie Haws

Fedd Books

New Fiction


Carolyn Doyle

Skydance Press
Blue Sun, Yellow Sky

Jamie Hoang

HJ Press
Finding Flipper Frank

Patrick M. Garry

Kenric Books

New Non-Fiction

Letting Go into Perfect Love, Discovering the Extraordinary After Abuse

Gwendolyn M Plano

She Writes Press
Hollywood Clown

Jason Lassen

Big Muddy Books
Brookwood Road: Memories of a Home

Scott Douglas Vaughan




The Serpent's Disciple

Deborah Stevens


Climate Peril

John J. Berger

Northbrae Books

Parenting & Family

Powerful, Peaceful, Parenting - Guiding CHildren, Changing Lives

Dr. Stacy Haynes, Ed.D, LPC

Face to Face: Cultivating Kids' Social Lives in Today's Digital World

Kathy Masaric, MD; Kathy Keller Jones, MA; Jody Bellant Scheer, MD; Cassandra Dickson, MA, Ruth Matinko-Wald, MA & Monique Terner, MEd

Family Empowerment Network
Help Your Child to Thrive: Making the Best of a Struggling Public Education System

Liane Brouillette

Balboa Press
Baby Poop: What Your Pediatrician May Not Tell You...about Colic, Reflux, Constipation, Green Stools, Food Allergies, and Your Child's Immune Health

Linda F. Palmer, DC

Sunny Lane Press
Living Autism Day.By.Day

Pamela Bryson-Weaver

Freedom Abound Inc.

Personal Growth

The Path Within: Break Through Harmful Programming and Doctrine To Experience Happiness and Harmony In Your Reality

Anthony Santen

Anthony Santen
Dadprovement: A Journey from Careerist to Adoptive Father to a Real Husband and Dad

Patrick R Riccards

Turning Stone Press

A Leg To Stand On: An Amputee's Walk Into Motherhood

Colleen Haggerty

She Writes Press

Why Me? Why Now? Why Not? Finding Opportunity In Your Obstacles

Trish Whynot



Lake Michigan: The Wisconsin Shore

Lisa Lehmann

Black River Press
Sturgeon Bay: The Secret Treasures of Door County

Thomas J Jordan


Picture Books ~ Ages 4-8

Little Jimmy Says, "Same Is Lame"

Jimmy Vee

Atlas Press, LLC
Don't Snooze On Clues!

Keba Cairo

Keba Cairo
Odie's Best Friend

Kristen Mott

Isabella babysits Baxter

Melissa Perry Moraja

Melissa Productions, Inc.
My Fingerpaint Masterpiece

Sherrill S. Cannon

Gollywood, Here I Come!

Terry John Barto


I Ate a Cicada Today

Jeff Crossan

Big Bound Books LLC

I Wish I Could Be A Pilot One Day

James H. Waggoner

Picture Books ~ All Ages

Dropped-Off Dog (A Mostly-True "Tail")

Catherine Lagorio

3L Publishing
Jeremy's Mom

Lisa A. Dunn

Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Co.

Monsters Beware!

Matt Hardesty

Monster Defense Corp
Nickerbacher, The Funniest Dragon

Terry John Barto


Picture Books ~ Preschool

If I Could Reach the Sky

Abbe Reichman

Curl Up Books

Hey, Baby, Look!

Kate Shannon

Blue Dream Books, LLC


Kristy Kurjan

K PO Creative LLC


Take This Journey WIth Me Poems From The Laboratory of John Turner

John Turner

Two Harbors Press

Green Gecko Dreaming

Andrew M. Bell

Bigger Than Ben Hur Productions
Compositions of the Dead Playing Flutes

Barbara Ellen Sorensen

Able Muse Press
Lessons: Shattered Pieces Being Restored

LaDonna Marie

Poems in Water

Mary Langer Thompson

Green Fuse Poetic Arts Association
Poems from the Fields of Dharma

Thomas Reidy

Blue Spruce Books

Political Thriller

In an Enemy's Country

Jim Fraiser


Pre-Teen Fiction

Gabbie Flowers and the Key to the Universe

Dianne Caplin

Balboa Press
How to Rid Your Swimming Pool of a Bloodthirsty Mermaid

Mick Bogerman

Slug Pie Stories, LLC
Creepy Friends

Ronnie Stich

The Take Back of Lincoln Junior High

Roseanne Cheng

Wise Ink


On Hearing of My Mother's Death Six Years After It Happened: A Daughter's Memoir of Mental Illness

Lori Schafer

Lori Schafer


ABC's to starting at a California Community College

Miranda Angeles, Bertha Barraza, Alex Cuatok and Monique Salgado


How Do I Keep My Employees Motivated? The Practice of Empathy-Based Management

George Langelett

River Grove Books

Regional Fiction

The Bright Side of the Moon

Cindy Barnett

Selah Publishing Group
The Glass Ball

Jean Hatfield

Aleutika Press
In the Shadow of Lies

M.A. Adler

She Writes Press
Callie Kinser of Brush Creek

Ron Miller

Antebellum Press
Limbo - A Novel About Jamaica

Esther Figueroa

Arcade Publishing

When Dreams Touch

Rosemary Hanrahan

SDP Publishing

Regional Non-Fiction

If You Leave This Farm: The Dream is Destroyed

Amanda Farmer

Archway Publishing
Altitude Adjustment: A Quest for Love, Home, and Meaning in the Tetons

Mary Beth Baptiste

TwoDot/Globe Pequot Press


It Really Is That Complicated

Charles E. Rawlings

Concsious Coupling, Positive Insights For Long-lasting Relationships Shared By Two Divorce Mediators

Don Desroches & Dana Greco

Clovercroft Publishing
In the Lotus of the Heart: The Essence of Relationships


Namah, Inc.
Venomous Relationships

Tamara Neal

Tamara's Book Publishing Service

Religion Fiction

Lila's Hamas: A Novel of Love and Deception

Arlene Kurtis

Big Sky: A Story of Faith and Forgiveness

C. J. Pagano

The Deception

Doug Dorsey

Studio 15 Inc.
Ordinary Evil

Gene Ferraro


Destined to Choose

Sheyna Galyan

Yotzeret Publishing

Religion Non-Fiction

Transforming Faith: Stories of Change from a Lifelong Spiritual Seeker

Fred Howard

A Faith Brief: A Lawyer's Argument for Why Faith Prevails Over Doubt

Patrick M. Garry

Kirk House Publishers
A God for All Seasons: Inspiration and Reflection for All Times

Patti Tingen

Booklocker, Inc.

Grace Poured Out

Valerie M. Herndon

First Fight Publishing


Lemongrass Hope: a novel

Amy Impellizzeri

Wyatt-MacKenzie Publishing
Justice For Abby

Cate Beauman

Cate Beauman
Beyond Escape

Deborah K. Jensen

Beavers Pond PRess

Science Fiction

Spanners: The Fountain of Youth

Jonathan Maas


Mark Lingane

Insync Holdings Pty Ltd

Michael Guthrie

Michael Guthrie
The Circuit: Executor Rising

Rhett C. Bruno

Diversion Books
The Darkest Side of Saturn: Odyssey of a Reluctant Prophet of Doom

Tony Taylor


Self Help: General

Actions Against Distractions: Managing Your Scattered,Disorganized, and Forgetful Mind

Geraldine Markel, PhD

Managing Your Mind, LLC

RESET: Make the Most of Your Success

Kristen Lee Costa

This. Only This. Mindfulness Strategies for Discovering Peace in Every Moment

Michael H. Brooks

ZenWhim, Inc.

Self Help: Motivational

The Thriver's Edge: Seven Keys to Transform the Way You Live, Love, and Lead

Donna Stoneham

She Writes Press

Project Limitless Vol. 1: The Success Initiative

R.J. Tolson

Universal Kingdom Print

Self Help: Spiritual

Good Orderly Direction

Ayin Adams

Delane Publishing
Chasing The High and The Ecstasy of Coming Down

Nalin Kotari


Short Stories

Twisted Trails

Alex Hutchinson

Gravel on the Side of the Road: True stories from a broad who has been there

Kris Radish


I Truly Lament: Working Through The Holocaust

Mathias B. Freese

Where Monsters Lie & Other Tales

Nick Mazmanian


Social/Political Change

The Outskirts of Hope

Jo Ivester

She Writes Press

Unbroken Circles For Schools: Restoring Schools One Conflict at a Time

Ken Johnson

Southern Yellow Publishing

The Capacity To Believe: Race, Media and Politics In The American South

Marcus W. WIlliams Esq


In Search of God and the Ten Commandments ~ One Person's Journey to Preserve a Small Part of America's God-given Values and Freedoms

Sue A. Hoffman


Specialty Books

Blackbook Directory & Yearbook 2013-14

Carl Booker

Avista Products
Christmas Birds: Art and Inspiration for the Season and Beyond

Kathleen Bates

Rising Fawn Press


The Art of Competition

Mark Allen

Grip Press
Pilgrim Wheels, Reflections of a Cyclist Crossing America

Neil Hanson

High Prairie Press
Plotting the Course: Life Lessons from the Sport of Sailing

Rick Arneson

Makai Press


The Outreach Committee: Because Marriage Can Be Murder

C.L. Woodhams

C.L. Woodhams
Renegades Among the Tumbleweeds

Hewitt Freiburg

Dead Letter

Marc Kuhn




Christine Benedict

Loconeal Publishing
A History of Crime, The Southern Double-Cross

Dinah Holman

Ravensbourne Books Limited
Bone Box

Jay Amberg

Amika Press
The Former Hero

Jeffrey Allen Mays

AEC Stellar Publishing
Playmates (Book One, Wilde Twins)

Jess C Scott

Caldera, Book III ~ A Man of Blood

Dan Baldwin

Four Knights Press


This is Mexico: Tales of Culture and Other Complications

Carol M. Merchasin

She Writes Press

Crash Lane News

Travel Balance: A Unique Health Guide for Your Journey

John Ayo

I Slept in a Pineapple: A Guide to Historic Vacation Rentals in the United Kingdom and Ireland

Randy Rassoul

Ch?teau Press
LE-JOG-ed, A Mid-lifer's Trek from Land's End to John O'Groats

Robin Richards


LAS VEGAS INSIDER'S GUIDE Save Money, Keep Safe, Operate and Survive in Sin City

Titus Nelson

Silverview Publishing

True Crime

Maximum Insecurity

William Wright, M.D.


Visionary Fiction


Forever Twelve

Meg Kimball



Unforgiving Plains

Christine Steendam

5 Prince Publishing
The Maynwarings

Digger Cartwright

The New Indians

Joe Jessup

Caldera, Book III ~ A Man of Blood

Dan Baldwin

Four Knights Press

Women's Fiction

Play For Me: A Novel

Celine Keating

She Writes Press

Flawed Happiness

Cori Tadrus

ZLS Publishing
Wishful Thinking

Kamy Wicoff

She Writes Press

Women's Issues

The Unraveling of Shelby Forrest

Donna Friess

Hurt into Happiness Publishing
Cry of the Nightbird: Writers Against Domestic Violence

Michelle Wing, Ann Hutchinson & Kate Farrell (Editors)

WolfSinger Publications

Writing & Publishing

A Novel Approach: To Writing Your First Book (or Your Best Book)

Jack Woodville London

Vire Press
Captivate Your Readers ~ An Editor's Guide to Writing Compelling Fiction

Jodie Renner

Cobalt Books
I Get It Now: A Guide to Teaching and Understanding Novels Using CENTERLINE as an Example

Dave McIntyre

Narrative LLC

Young Adult Fiction

Becoming: The Balance Bringer

Debra Kristi

Ghost Girl Publishing, LLC
Luz, Rebound

Jeania Kimbrough

Smoke Signal Press


Marilyn Peake

Marilyn Peake
Master Key or the Harmonies

Ross Goodell with Laren Bright

Soulscend Press
The Union

T.H. Hernandez

T.H. Hernandez

Jeff Gottesfeld

Saddleback Educational

Young Adult Non-Fiction

Is Your Fruit Sweet or Sour? A Teen Girl's Guide to Christian Living

Karen Finn

Precept Publishing LLC
Heaven Has No Regrets

Tessa Shaffer